Lisa, the photographer

That's me... My name is Lisa and those lovely people in my photo are my amazing family!  My son, stepson and boyfriend. (Photo Credits; Pop!mages, mini sprouts photography)

 Ever since I was young you would find me with a camera in hand. I was always fascinated with how looking at a photo could make me feel. I started at a well known portrait studio on a whim and became enticed with the thought that my creative work will be hanging on the walls in your homes! To this day I enjoy being invited into your lives and seeing how sentimental these works of art are to everyone.  Never did I imagine I would be given the opportunity to make it my career, but am so glad I did!

I am a lover of karaoke, ice cream (yum!) disco music, meeting new people,  DIY projects and the I.D channel.   My drink is an Amaretto Sour, I have  3 cats and 1 dog... and I once fell over a tombstone in front of a church backing up to get "the shot!"  Seriously, feet over head, wearing a dress, just as people were pulling up to the church! (Not a proud moment).

When I am not taking photos I enjoy Netflix binge watching, road trips with my family, reading, or spending time with great friends!    I am not shy... like at all... but I am much more comfortable behind the lens.

I recently found my true love Arthur in October 2012. He is my biggest fan and my inspiration.  He pushes me to be a better person and shows me so much love and support.    I find that my love story is what drives my photography today!  Capturing love and beauty in any form fills me with joy!

Let's talk about your story!

Looking forward to capturing your love, your lives, and making a Lifetime Impression. 


Lisa Reardon